European Cleaning Document

The unique European Cleaning Document (ECD) was developed by EFTCO in collaboration with ECTA and CEFIC, in order to meet all the request of the cleaning stations, transport companies and chemical producers companies. Ownership and exclusive reproduction of EDC is owned by EFTCO, being registered in the European Register of Trademarks and Patents no. 202130-0001.

Only the cleaning stations that certified SQAS and members of EFTCO though the National Cleaning Stations Associations, have the right to issue ECD.

LOGISERV SRL, as a founding member of the ASCR (Association of Tank Cleaners in Romania), has the right to issue the ECD by receiving the SQAS CLEANING certificate in December 2010.

Using a unique European document has important advantages for all parties:

  • As a unique document is helpful and easy to be use by operators of loading places, drivers, etc. anywhere in Europe.
  • Using a unique numbering system and various security issues allow easier detection of falsified cleaning documents.
  • Using Cleaning EFTCO Codes help understand and easily identify the operations that were performed to clean the tank. Cleaning codes are available on EFTCO site in 15 languages. This allows easy use of the information contained in the document to all its users in Europe.

TANK CLEANING LOGISERV issues ECD in 3 copies:

  • White Copy (original) for the next place of loading
  • Yellow Copy: driver / transport company, distributed together with the invoice
  • Copy Blue: for cleaning station

ECDs are signed by both the driver and the cleaning station after checking the status of “cleanliness” of the recipient.

Definition of the EFTCO for “clean” is the following:

“A tank shall be described as clean when there are no visible traces or odor of the last product transported or cleaning agent, following an inspection via the man-lids”.

The validity of ECD: the responsibility for keeping the tank clean in accordance with the specifications of the ECD is transferred to the user/operator when the tank when leaves the cleaning station.

ECD Standards. PDF Document

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